Fundraise with Us!

Looking for a great, effective way to raise funds for your organization? Then Candles & Moore Fundraiser programs are perfect for you.

Choose from a variety of richly scented, high quality candles and containers and watch the profits for your organization soar.

  • We guarantee 50% profit.
  • Being a Texas Based Company, we offer very personal service.
  • High quality candles with many wonderful, long lasting scent.
  • Sample scent cups are given to each seller. (Free of Charge)
  • A cash amount is given to each organization for a customized Prize package or you can select one of our prize programs.
  • Each order is individually labeled and prepackaged per participant. No sorting required!
  • Delivery in three weeks after the sale.
  • Our prices are the best around!

All we need from you is:

  • Checks payable.
  • Sale dates (Beginning and Ending date).
  • Number of order forms needed.
  • Number of scent cup bags.
  • 5 scent choices.

Yes, it’s that good, that easy.

Fill out our request form and
Start Fundraising Today!

Sample Documents:

Sample Documents